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Digital Marketing Services

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In today's fast-moving world, it is important for business owners to adapt to the digital world.

However, to digitalize a business is not an easy task, or so it seemed. We here in SeeSharp Solutions have dedicated our expertise to make digitalizing your business as simple as possible. From building a website to a mobile app, we too cover the Digital marketing aspect.

How are we different? Many agencies would only provide digital marketing, they do not necessarily have the resources to build a website or E-commerce website on their own. This would create multiple channels of communications between the agency, the out-sourced partner and the client. We here in SeeSharp solutions is the 1 stop solutions to Fully digitalized your business!

The services we provide ranges from Customized Website, E-Commerce Websites, Mobile Apps for Android and iOS and finally Digital Marketing. We cover a range of advertising services / platforms from Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display Network, Shopee and Lazada consultancy. Why is it important to adapt into this digital era? Simply because, everyone is already on-board. Similar to the newspaper / magazine industry, it is important to move along with time and the economy. Digitalizing your business would mean you have a greater reach to more customers / clients. Advertising online is equally the same.

Digital Marketing Services

Google Ads Optimization
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What happens after we've built your Website or E-commerce Website? We will need to drive Traffic into your website, thus Google advertising! We have a team of google experts to monitor and optimize your ad to ensure your budget is well spent efficiently. Under Google's business model, there is a huge variety of channels from the conventional Keyword Targeting, YouTube video display ads, Google Display Network and many more. It is our duty to ensure your ads are placed at the right channels, and our responsibility your budget is fully optimized!
E-Commerce Platforms
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What is the difference between an E-Commerce Website and an E-Commerce Platform? An E-Commerce website is own by you, whereas the E-Commerce Platform is a 3rd part business model. In the long term, it is more beneficial for you to have your own E-commerce website due to the fact that every resource you spend will be to market your own brand. However, it does not mean that E-commerce platforms are bad, E-commerce platforms such as Shopee / Lazada / Amazon / Alibaba / Taobao etc have their benefits for new business owners venturing in the digital world. They have readymade systems to help speed up the process of selling online! We have a network in these platforms to assist you as well!
Social Media Ads Optimization
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Social media has become a very important part of our life. Almost all of us has a mobile device in hand as well as a social media account. It is important that people are aware of your business in both Social Media and Google itself. How would running ads in social media help your business? Similar to the newspaper, people are constantly looking for new information. Social media has the mass market to ensure your business is known in the market. From creative content to viral videos, we here in SeeSharp Solutions would do our best to make sure your business is discovered!

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